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"Be someone worth following."



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August ’18- May ‘19

RM 301

Taylor & Chambers

ataylor@cashionps.org  kchambers@cashionps.org


Cashion Student Council Mission Statement:

The purpose of Cashion High School Leadership is to increase school spirit, to engage and encourage our fellow classmates, and to organize school functions.  Our goal is to build responsible leaders within our school community and promote the values that represent good character in all students. Putting in time and effort will help us achieve our goals and make student council more successful.  We promise to do the best we can to create a fun, friendly, and functional school environment. As a whole, we wish to lead with pride, dignity, and kindness.


Course Description:  Leadership is Student Council.  Students will develop as leaders through organization and production of many school activities.  Leadership students MUST be willing and have the desire to be active in ALL school activities and want to improve the school year through events and activities.


As a member of Student Council my expectations for each student are much higher.  Discipline issues in Leadership and or any other class will not be tolerated and will result in suspension from leadership positions at school activities and therefore will be reflected in student’s grade.  A positive attitude and desire to participate in all school activities both during school hours and after is a REQUIREMENT for participation in this class.



1.   Notebook

2. Writing Utensil

3. Creativity & Enthusiasm

4. Good Attitude


Grading, Policies, & Procedures:

The following events and projects and your participation in them will reflect your grade

Including but not limited to

1 Weekly Assignment- 25 pts.

[x2] 10 hours community service- 100 pts

1 day table washing weekly- 20 pts

Pep assembly clean-up (6 total?)- 60 pts

Homecoming dance attendance- 100 pts

HOCO Clean up and set up- 100 pts

HOCO Hall dec- 2 EXTRA HOURS- 100 pts

HOCO Dress up- 50 pts

Powder Puff Participation- 50pts

Veterans Day Breakfast (attendance/ contribution/ cleanup)- 100 pts

Snow Ball- 100 pts

Snow Ball Clean up and set up- 100 pts

RAK Week dress up- 50 pts

D10 Spring and Fall conference- 50 pts each

PINK Week (Football and Basketball) Participation- 100 pts

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast(Week?) - 100 pts

There will be no class Olympics this year.


*Any absence for any reason from above events can ONLY be made up with documented community service hours and must be approved by your teacher.