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English II

"A mind needs books as a mind needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge."



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English II Syllabus

August ’18- May ‘19

RM 301

Coach Taylor



Goals and Expectations:

My goal is to present curriculum that is relevant and necessary for success in life.  My goal is to help you find a reading “flow”, think critically, express thoughts clearly and intelligently, and become lifelong learners.  I expect students to do their absolute best in my class.


Course Description:

Throughout the year students will apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, appreciate, and respond to a wide range of texts.  English II will develop student’s ability to learn to express ideas effectively in written modes for a variety of purposes and audiences while following the writing process and Standard English usage rules and guidelines.  Students will also demonstrate thinking skills in listening and speaking and will interpret, evaluate, and compose visual messages.



*Vocabulary and Grammar

*4 complete essays, one each 9 weeks

*In-Class Novels (2?)

*Google Classroom: m3w2ebh

*AOW(Article of the week)

* Outside Reading(4)



1.   College Ruled Notebook

2.   Pens/ pencils/ highlighters

3. Outside Reading Book


Policies/ Procedures:

1.   I want you to learn this year to use proper cell phone etiquette.  There will never be a time that you need to be on social media, texting, or playing fortnite or any other game on your phone.  You will ALWAYS have a book to read when “you don't have anything else to work on”. The only time cell phones will be necessary are when the chromebooks fail or convenience calls.  In those instances, I love to have the availability of smartphones to aid in my quest to make this classroom more paperless and relevant.

2.   Be in class!

3.   We will use google classroom.  We will use Google Classroom. You must know and be able to login to your accounts!

4.   “Free time” should be spent reading

5.   Notebook will be turned in every week


Late Work/ Make up work:


        Late work will only be accepted one week past its due date.  If assignments are not turned in on time, students will receive no better than a 70% for the work.


        Make- up work: Students will have one day for everyday of class missed to make up any assignments.  If you will be absent for a school activity, you should ask for homework ahead of time and turn assignments in before you leave or upon your return to class.   School activities which take you out of class are a privilege.  Responsibility in this matter is MANDATORY!


Grading Procedure:

        Homework/ Class work/ Participation = 30%

        Tests/ Final Papers/ Projects = 60%

        Semester Test = 10%


Classroom Rules:

1.   Be prompt

2.   Be prepared

3.   Be productive

4.   Be polite

5.   Be patient